Can some one explain me about PDFID and SDFID

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Fri Sep 10 17:38:13 CEST 2010

Go back and re-read section It isn't overly clear but that is
where its usage is discussed. 

The short answer is that if you are not using flow based accounting you
don't have to worry too much about the packet data flow ID or the service
data flow ID. The packet data flow ID is mostly useful to identify
individual user sessions if you need to do so. The service data flow ID is
used to tie several services together where appropriate. The famous example
is a video conference session that may have separate services for voice,
video, and potentially data. 

The service flow ID is used to identify the actual quality of service

Packet Data flow IDs 1-20 are reserved for the ISF.
Service Data flow ID 1 is reserved for the ISF.

You can assign multiple services the same way you would return multiple
values for any other attribute. Ensure that you fully provision one service
before appending the next:

WiMAX-Packet-Data-Flow-Id := 30
WiMAX-Service-Data-Flow-Id := 30
WiMAX-Service-Profile-Id := 30
WiMAX-Packet-Data-Flow-Id += 100
WiMAX-Service-Data-Flow-Id += 100
WiMAX-Service-Profile-Id += 100

You can fully provision services using your AAA instead of pre-provisioning
them in the ASN-GW. In that case you would have to return the other TLVs of
the Packet Flow attribute as required to create the proper services. 


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