borked rlm_mschap

Alexander Clouter alex at
Fri Sep 17 12:08:23 CEST 2010


Reverting 401dcce982f9a9972bc7bb87d5ee7e0bf3888f3a stops the following 
libtool: compile:  gcc -g -O2 -O2 -D_REENTRANT -D_POSIX_PTHREAD_SEMANTICS -Wall -D_GNU_SOURCE -g -Wshadow -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-qual -Wcast-align -Wwrite-strings -Wstrict-prototypes -Wmissing-prototypes -Wmissing-declarations -Wnested-externs -W -Wredundant-decls -Wundef -I/usr/src/freeradius/freeradius-server/src -c rlm_mschap.c  -fPIC -DPIC -o .libs/rlm_mschap.o
rlm_mschap.c: In function ???mschap_detach???:
rlm_mschap.c:553: warning: passing argument 1 of ???free??? discards qualifiers from pointer target type
/usr/include/stdlib.h:488: note: expected ???void *??? but argument is of type ???const char *???
rlm_mschap.c: At top level:
rlm_mschap.c:615: warning: no previous prototype for ???mschap_add_reply???
rlm_mschap.c: In function ???do_mschap???:
rlm_mschap.c:721: error: ???REQUEST??? has no member named ???request???
make[7]: *** [rlm_mschap.lo] Error 1


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