In Proxy Called-Station-Id based Switching to HomeServer

Gyanendra Kumar gyanku at
Fri Sep 17 18:24:02 CEST 2010

Hi All:

I have to use FreeRadius as a proxy. This I have configured for Realm based
and default switching to Radius HomeServer.

Now in Wireless Access Point connectivity scenario the following
implementation needs to be made.

Called-Station-Id based switching to HomeServer needs to be implemented in
addition to the realm based switching.

I had a few questions in regards to this:

1. If the functionality can be implemented through existing functionality,
please let me know ?

2. If this functionality is not there whats and easier way to go about
implementing this functionality.

An example of Called-Station-Id is 00-1E-4C-32-DA-2E:abssid

Mac auth is a functionality which is implemented using Calling-Station-Id
which is different from Called-Station-Id.

Best Regards

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