some patches for branch v2.1.x

Oliver Schröder oliver.schroeder at
Wed Aug 17 12:34:00 CEST 2011

Am 17.08.2011 12:01, schrieb Arran Cudbard-Bell:
> On 17 Aug 2011, at 10:38, Oliver Schröder wrote:
>> The original module does not create parent directories when needed. The patch fixes this behavior, so you can define filenames for logging like:
>> 	filename = ${logdir}/whatever/%Y/%m/detail.%d
> There's already code to recursively create directories in /src/main please call this if you want to add the functionality.

My patch uses this code. See the attached .diff

>> DEFAULT NAS-IP-Address =~ "(|"
>> 	LDap-basedn             := "ou=Service-11200,ou=people,dc=company,dc=com",
>> 	LDap-Multimap-reply     := "RadiusReplyattrDSL",
>> 	LDap-Multimap-check     := "RadiusCheckattrDSL"
>> rlm_ldap will then look for values in these fields and attach them to the reply set.
> No, the same can be achieved with unlang.

I have not found any documentation helping me to implement this via 
unlang. Can you nudge me in the right direction?

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