cucidhcp merged

Stephen R. van den Berg srb at
Tue Aug 23 15:20:48 CEST 2011

Alan DeKok wrote:
>Stephen R. van den Berg wrote:
>> Alan DeKok wrote:
>>>  The DHCP relaying code is in FreeRADIUS for a reason.  While it
>>> doesn't work perfectly yet, there have been a number of requests for it.

>> What is the rationale for them not to use dhcp-helper ?

>  For the same reason as adding DHCP to FreeRADIUS.

>  Current DHCP servers && relays have *no* ability to talk to databases,
>and have limited policy capabilities.  FreeRADIUS talks to *anything*,
>and has highly flexible policies.

So there are applications that actually modify the dhcp request that
is being relayed depending on database content?
For DHCP requests I can imagine that (obviously), for DHCP relay I
find it difficult to come up with a use case that sticks, but maybe
my imagination runs short here.

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