DHCP server working in production now

Stephen R. van den Berg srb at cuci.nl
Tue Aug 23 21:26:17 CEST 2011

Alan DeKok wrote:
>Stephen R. van den Berg wrote:
>> I was not being rude.  I just expressed my genuine startledness.

>  You were implying that I was lying to you.

No, not lying, inaccurate perhaps.

>> I admit that I didn't read all the archives.  I read the code first
>> and found numerous spots where it was marked "Does not work" and
>> a lot of the code broke due to different macros, and I found places
>> which simply said "Fill in code here".  So I assumed that it's not
>> in production.

>  And when I told you it was used in production, you implied I was lying
>to you.  That's rude.

The thing is that "being used in production" is relative.  I understand now
that older versions of the code are being used in production, but since then
this code has had changes which broke functionality (the old vs. new
macro patches I submitted).  I also understand that the *comments* were
lying at times (the comments clearly state that essential parts of the
code "do not work"), so forgive me for pointing out that both
the *current* code and the comments were in direct conflict with your

>> It might not seem like that, but I don't think I corrupted this ability.
>> I want/need that flexibility myself, so I was very careful to preserve it.

>  See src/lib/dhcp.c.  You deleted tons of "pairfind VP, use contents in
>DHCP packet".

I'll take a good look again when I readd the DHCP relay stuff to see if
I indeed deleted more than I intended.

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