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Stefan Winter stefan.winter at restena.lu
Fri Jan 7 10:52:27 CET 2011


just now I have had to upgrade my dialup_admin installation to a machine 
running PHP5.3, and also noticed numerous PHP errors.

I have fixed the code, see attached patch. It solves the following 
bugs/deprecated code warnings:

* replace ereg -> preg_match, ereg_replace -> preg_replace, split -> 
preg_split for PHP5.3 compatibility
* fix LIMIT not working when using MySQL
* add configuration item "timezone" to make PHP 5.1+ happy

and adds one (trivial, one-liner) feature:

* add comparison operators "!=" and "not like" to Accounting

Now, I have an almost error/warning/notice free installation. There is 
still something bogus around the use of mktime() someplace, but I don't 
use that part of dialup_admin, so I'll leave that alone.

It's tested to work at my installation, and I would appreciate if the 
code could get into mainstream release. But it can of course use much 
more testing! Particularly the LDAP-related parts (user_edit a.s.o.) 
only got the same code massage about preg's but got no testing because 
that's also an unused code part for me.

Doesn't help for Todd's errors, I suppose, but I find these code changes 
useful anyway.


Stefan Winter

Am 06.01.2011 21:53, schrieb Alan DeKok:
> Todd Bateman wrote:
>> Is CS down or the information change? I went to try to see if that was
>> the problem, but I get a connection refused.
>    dialup_admin hasn't used CVS for many years.
>    The latest version is included in 2.1.10, but if you look at the "git"
> repository, the dialup_admin code hasn't been changed in years.
>    Alan DeKok.
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