rlm_redis module "patch"

Gabriel Blanchard gabe at teksavvy.ca
Thu Jan 13 15:12:16 CET 2011

On 2011-01-13, at 4:30 AM, Alan DeKok wrote:

> - please use "github" to fork the freeradius repository
> - add the files to the v2.1.x branch:
>  rlm_redis/Makefile.in, configure.in, rlm_redis.[ch]
>  rlm_rediswho/Makefile.in, configure.in, rlm_rediswho.c
> - send me a "pull" request, or just email me, and I can pull the changes
> over.

k, will do when I get a chance.

> - I suggest reformatting the code to follow the rest of the FreeRADIUS
>  programming conventions

What is the convention?

> - the rediswho_expand() function is horrible.  Instead, see the function
> xlat_client() in src/main/mainconfig.c.  It's smaller, simpler, and more
> capable.

I agree, ok. To be honest and I'm sure it's quite obvious, I reused a lot of existing code in Freeradius.

> - some sample configuration / documentation would be good, but not
> required. :)

mmmm....sure..maybe ;-)

> - a Perl script to replace "radwho" would be spectacular.

I'm plaining on coding something like that, but it will likely be in php (I know, I know...)


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