Patch to fix PPTP CHAP failure due to unknown-attribute problem

freeradius developer/user identity freeradius at
Mon Jul 4 18:17:58 CEST 2011

Since at least 2005, the combination of PPTP and radiusclient has
led to failure of CHAP authentication with the following errors
appearing in syslog:
  rc_avpair_new: unknown attribute 11
  rc_avpair_new: unknown attribute 25

I have posted an analysis of the problem and a link to patch set
against the CVS tree that fixes it (at least in my hands) at

The patches also add my name to the copyright: if this is not correct to
do please take my name out. Also, I made the library able to use
"INCLUDE" as well as "$INCLUDE", fixed what appeared to a problem with
high-level directory specifications appearing after (but in alphabetical
order) the subsidiary specifications in which they appeared in
/, and added a simple program "radlistdictionary" that takes
arguments to show the loading and processing of the dictionary and its
included subdictionaries, at one of two levels of detail and in one of
two forms of output (stdout, syslog). My hope is that this program will
be helpful to others in debugging problems of this sort. In this case,
the problem because obvious as soon as I ran it although it had been
completely opaque before.

Please let me know if it would be better for me to post the patches to this
list directly rather than to refer to a web link. I don't want to clutter
up the mailing list. The patch is 27K uncompressed and 7K compressed.
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