Patch to fix PPTP CHAP failure due to unknown-attribute problem

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Jul 7 13:08:03 CEST 2011

freeradius developer/user identity wrote:
> <whine> I unsubscribed to the freeradius-user mailing list and since 
> then nothing from the developer mailing list has arrived either. I just 
> resubscribed to freeradius-devel and got email stating that it was a 
> duplicate enrollment. So I'm copying the above from the archive at 

  The list has worked for me...

> OK, I'll take on maintenance of radiusclient, although I don't know much
> about it except what I fixed. Can you help me understand in what way the
> code is terrible and what would need to be corrected to bring it up to
> snuff?

  Pretty much all of it, unfortunately.

  I expect to be releasing some BSD licensed RADIUS code in the next few
months.  It uses a completely different API, but is much simpler to
understand and use.

> I've forked freeradius-client on github as user "cecst". I was thinking 
> that as a first step I would apply the patches I've developed so far and 
> then ask you to review and commit them.  Is this the usual way things 
> are done? Is there a specific coding style that you would like to 
> enforce, for example with astyle?  If so, do you have a handy style 
> guide?

  Use the same style as the rest of the code.  That's about it.

  I'll try to find the other patches in my queue and send them to you.
Until any potential new code comes out, the current code still needs
maintenance and fixes.

  Alan DeKok.

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