Crash of server with RADSEC

Alan Buxey a.l.m.buxey at
Wed Jun 8 17:20:22 CEST 2011


had a nasty Abort of the server when RADSEC configured:

Opening new proxy (, 0) -> home_server (, 2083)
Trying SSL to port 2083
Requiring Server certificate
Waking up in 0.1 seconds.
Listening on proxy (, 42575) -> home_server (, 2083)
(1) Proxying request to home server port 2083
Thread 53 waiting to be assigned a request
Marking home server port 2083 as zombie (it looks like it is dead).
ASSERT FAILED process.c[2374]: home->proto != IPPROTO_TCP

the remote server was up but just not responding at that time - the same 
test worked as expected when the remote end was answering a few minute later

(have done about 100 auths through a RADSEC link now)

PS the default config has the password 'testing123' for RADSEC - there is a proposed
standard (think its waiting for ratification) - 'radsec' - though I believe that
both RADIATOR and radsecproxy use 'mysecret' as the default - worth aligning?


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