Crash of server with RADSEC

Alan Buxey a.l.m.buxey at
Thu Jun 9 10:28:12 CEST 2011


..and another one uncovered

(reproduce by allowing output port 2083 run FR to get an
authentication and then drop port 2083 with iptables so that
it cannot contact home server....)

Waking up in 0.1 seconds.
Marking home server port 2083 as zombie (it looks like it is dead).
PING: Zombie period is over
Marking home server port 2083 as dead.
PING: Already pinging home server
PING: Waiting 4 seconds for response to ping
PING: Next status packet in 30 seconds
Waking up in 3.3 seconds.
(6) Cleaning up request packet ID 184 with timestamp +301
Waking up in 0.6 seconds.
No response to status check 8 for home server port 2083
Segmentation fault


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