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Mon Jun 27 13:43:56 CEST 2011

> I cringe every time I have
> to use yet another different wiki markup; to me, markdown is the least
> annoying of them all.

Yeah I like it too, it's almost a shame that FreeRADIUS has standardised on RST, but I guess the 'official' standard for RST is more featureful than Markdown. Standards based Markdown doesn't even include support for tables, even though this is defined by unofficial extensions.

> But if you're using gollum, and happy with it, then github flavoured
> markdown is probably good enough.

It's actually passed through to a C library called 'upskirt', via 'red carpet' (or should that be 'red carpet' via 'upskirt' *sigh* those ruby developers...)

Anyway, upskirt implements pretty much all the unofficial extensions to Markdown, so  if anything, markdown will work *better* in GitHub and Gollum than anywhere else.

The possibility of pan-doc support is pretty exciting though, it'd allow you to wikitise existing HTML pages from offsite, and convert pretty much any wiki language (so long as the rendered could output HTML) to RST or Markdown. No time this past weekend but definitely a priority.


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