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Atif Razzaq atif.razaq at
Thu Mar 3 10:21:04 CET 2011

Dear Development Team

I have FreeRADIUS deployment where Im using sql module for
authentication/authorization with no accounting at all.

Im looking for a possibility where FreeRADIUS loads all information from
database into some data structure of its own and sends back the response to
a request based on the information it has in the data structure. In this
way, it doesnt go to the database on each request rather replies back from
the information it has. However, the information loaded from database should
be updated periodically (may be in a seperate thread) so that the data
structure holds an updated copy of information. By doing this, i want to
minimize the overhead of fetching information from db on each request
especially on a very busy system where database might not be colocated

Please let me know, is there any way to do this? And also what are the pros
and cons of this approach with respect to FreeRADIUS's working/performance.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards

Atif Razzaq

Best Regards

Atif Razzaq
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