rlm_ippool slowness

Chris Hellberg chris at chrishellberg.com
Thu Mar 3 15:45:11 CET 2011


I modified rlm_ippool.c to create a hash key against Calling-Station-Id, which 
is unique across my NAS. I only have one NAS (it's a test enviornment) so no 
worries about duplicate ports keys.

However, I find radiusd goes up to 97% CPU when I use this IP allocation method. 
If I don't use any server-side IP allocation, I get CPU use hovering around 4%. 
I can't use an integer like Nas-Id to hash against because it's not a unique 
value on my NAS, hence I had to modify rlm_ipool.c. So I can't easily check 
whether the problem is in the rest of rlm_ippool.c or in the change of the 
hashing method that I've done.




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