rlm_sql_ocioracle driver v. 0.1

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Sun Mar 6 19:54:08 CET 2011


in attachment patch to add rlm_sql_ocioracle driver to freeradius 2.1.x
tree (it seems work yet on 3.x tree).

This drivers permit to use function/procedure with CURSOR
(through :Ret_Cursor string)  like for example:

group_membership_query = "begin :Ret_Cursor :=   \
			pkRadius.group_membership_query('%{SQL-User-Name}'); end;"

TODO for next release:
- add support to oracle connection pool instead of open a new connection
for every socket on startup;
- enhancement on handle error (through error callback) on do query;
- add documentation.

Module need oracle instantclient library and ocilib library

Good luck to rlm_sql_ocioracle driver!!

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