RES: my first freeradius module

Toledo, Luis Carlos lscrlstld at
Sat Mar 12 16:52:35 CET 2011

> Hi,
> I'm kinda new to Freeradius and at the same time I'm learning it, I'm
> seeing
> I gonna need to develop a new module for it.
> This module will do OTP two way authentication. It will extract part of
> the
> password (ex.: latest 6 digits) to verify and the remaining "password"
> will
> be returned to Freeradius to test against another module (LDAP for
> example).
> In this module I need to store user information on some place, including
> usernames, keys, secrets, last OTP, offset, etc.

Would you like freeradius act as a token? 
The principle of operation of OTP is to not store nothing, it just returns a
temporary password based an some one-way algorithm, this temporary password
is basically the result of PIN received from user.

Look at this project, maybe it can help you. It´s works jointly with radius.


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