fr_packet_cmp again

Jakob Hirsch jh at
Sun May 1 10:56:23 CEST 2011

On 29.04.2011 19:59, Josip Almasi wrote:

>>    It's starting to look like the problem is in the hash table code...
> So it was hastables after all.

So with the replacement of the hash-table with rb-tree the crash does
not happen any more? That would be _really_ nice, since we are hit by
this every hours to days (no pattern recognizable).

I guess there could be a problem with the handling of hash collisions.

How about performance of rbtree? I'm not a data structure expert, but
AFAIR btrees are not ideal if you have to often add new nodes (rbtrees
seem to be much better at that than ordinary btrees, though). Not that
it matters much, the real bootleneck is probably our mysql backend.

@Alan: The rbtree code is only in the master branch, right? Any chance
to get this in 2.1.x?

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