how to add MSCHAPV2 Retry Max

Alexander Clouter alex at
Wed May 11 16:22:54 CEST 2011

John.Hayward at wrote:
>>  Storing data for (potentially) 100's of 1000's of users means "use a DB".
> I was hoping to only store the value of retry remaining when there was a 
> failure of authentication for the session.  The vast majority of 
> connections to the radius server succeed since they are cashed in the 
> machines of the users. Failure of passwords occur after a password change 
> or when first connecting to the network both of which are a relatively rare 
> occurrence.
> Is there another preferred way to keep track of remaining retry counts for 
> a particular session.
The rlm_perl script would be able to do this.  You need to find/hire a 
Perl monkey though to do this for you[1].

The following will give them a good template to start with (so they 
know the type of thing that needs to be done):


[1] <shameless-self-promo> I own a consultancy hat...

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