GIT Log for 2011-05-30 23:33 GMT

aland aland at
Tue May 31 01:33:02 CEST 2011

commit 1df682e2e40503c574600df0257f988b21482a0a
Author: Alan T. DeKok <aland at>
Date:   Mon May 30 17:14:18 2011 +0200

    Revert most of the "checked_write" code.
    It apparently caused crashes on some machines.  This code
    reverts (mostly) back to the original code which worked, but
    it should also notice when the disk is full, and return FAIL
 src/modules/rlm_detail/rlm_detail.c |  123 +++++++++--------------------------
 1 files changed, 31 insertions(+), 92 deletions(-)

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