Standardised JSON VP list format

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at
Tue Nov 8 17:18:59 CET 2011

On 8 Nov 2011, at 16:53, Bjørn Mork wrote:

> Arran Cudbard-Bell <a.cudbardb at> writes:
>> I'm proposing the following JSON structures for VP lists being sent
>> from and parsed by FreeRADIUS. 
> I would suggest studying the unlang and users manual pages in detail,
> and at least make sure that whatever format you choose can be used to
> express everything possible within the server today.  I.e. DO NOT limit
> yourself to 2 lists when the server maintains 7...
> Just my .02 greek euros

The request, proxy-reply, coa and dm lists are the only ones which will not contain locally generated content.
I guess request can be substituted where appropriate.

It's actually quite hard to include multiple lists in the request codewise.

Regarding unlang, the format proposed is actually *more* flexible than the current unlang 'update' constructs :)

Running the values through XLAT also exposes all kinds of additional awesomeness. For example if you wanted
to increase the debug level for a particular request you could just include


in the response.

I guess it'd be nice to have


Where the expansion is done but the VP is never added...


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