new rlm_sql connection pool logic

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at
Mon Oct 17 20:02:46 CEST 2011


>>    Sounds nice! Out of curiosity: any plans to make LDAP connections
>>    persistent and pooled as well? one of my customers has very high numbers
>>    of LDAP calls in authorize, and needs to do LDAPS. The TLS session setup
>>    load is very uncomfortable right now.
> why do they have a very high number of calls to LDAP?  Are they calling LDAP
> in the outerID of EAP requests?  are they calling LDAP for non local requests?
> they really should wrap the outerID LDAP query inside some unlang to protect it
> from queries that shouldnt hit it..

No, first thing I checked :-) Only happens on inner, it's a bit a
peculiar design.


> alan
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