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> Couple of throw-away thoughts on systemd:
>  1. Does systemd have any native support for "multi-instance" stuff
> i.e. init scripts that start N processes, for N config files in a
> central location? We use a local, custom init script to run several
> radius processes to isolate potential (thankfully rare!) failures
> (e.g. our wireless/802.1x server going down is bad, but our
> wired/macauth server going down is a four-alarm disaster, so we keep
> them in separate processes)
>  2. Aren't processes meant to be started in foreground and log to
> stdout/stderr?

It supports many ways of operation. The usual forking is supported just
fine. If it knows the PID, it will constantly check if the service is
still up and can be configured to restart if the PID disappears.

That's something I was considering to put in my version, but I need to
think through if that's really what I want. Probably yes, if I will also
get an out-of-band notify that a restart happened. I don't want it to go
in cycles every few hours without our monitoring noticing.

Yes, I know, you could already do this earlier on with inittab and
respawn. This new way looks much more flexible though, and it's all
configured in single service configuration file. Not as a symlink in a
rc.d directory + extra stuff in inittab.

>   3. It's not clear to me that any of the socket activation stuff
> makes sense for a radius server?

That part is not a winner for me either (not caring the slightest about
startup time). Or even D-Bus integration. Dreadful to even think about,
for a server daemon.



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