freeradius and google protocol buffers.

Ruslan Shevchenko ruslan at
Fri Oct 28 23:21:03 CEST 2011

Good day,  community.

1. I need to organize interaction of freeradius with java-based
backend, running as web service.
So,  I wrote small module, which  packed received radius packet into
google protocol buffer message
and submit one to web service via persistent http connection:

Interaction is done via next 'idl':
freeradius give to service request_reply, then return with
allow_reply_request set of actions, which we
do need with pairs (add new one or remove or change)

I want submit this module to freeradius, when It will be mature, but
not sure: will one be generally useful and
are you will be happy with 2 new optional dependencies (curl and
protobuf-c) [?].  If yes -- I will start submit path requests after
achieving working state.
(now I assured that requests flow works, but yet not test all possible
issues with authorization and service restart)

2. Yet one question for community -- it's about how people prefer to
see representation of radius attributes in protocol buffers IDL.  In
present 'zero' version all nontrivial attributes are stored as array
of bytes. In my task this is enough, but potentially such choice can
cause issues with byte ordering, so may be better to create special
message types for each type of attribute. So, I will be happy to see
community opinion: (especially for #define PW_TYPE_ETHERNET  and

At last, I will be glad to see any feedback about this idea and thanks
for great software.

Regards !

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