Bug in function sql_oracle.c - sql_init_socket - OCILogon

Angelo Compagnucci angelo.compagnucci at gmail.com
Sun Sep 11 23:34:01 CEST 2011

Hi Alan,

Ok, I found it in the docs, and it was very visible, my fault.

Sorry for stolen your time!


2011/9/11 Angelo Compagnucci <angelo.compagnucci at gmail.com>:
> Hi Alan,
> Thank you for your reply.
> Can you point me to the doc? I cannot find anything about this corner
> case. The docs about rlm_sql says that the server parameter should be
> used for the server address and the db one should point to the radius
> dabase.
> I cannot find anything related to corner cases or diffrences in oracle
> rather than mysql or odbc.
> If it's my fault, please apologize for having a wrong understanding of
> configuration parameters and please forvige about this email and the
> bug.
> Thank you!
> Angelo
> 2011/9/11 Alan DeKok <aland at deployingradius.com>:
>> Angelo Compagnucci wrote:
>>> Can you confirm this bug?
>>  It looks reasonable, but...
>>  I don't see the "bug" as having any serious effect.  Hundreds of
>> existing installations use the "db" field just fine.  The default config
>> for Oracle documents using the "db" field.
>>  For perfections sake, it could be fixed.  But I don't see it as having
>> any major benefit.
>>  Alan DeKok.
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