First steps in 3.0

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> It works using ubuntu's bundled libs, which also has the headers on
> /usr/include/mysql/
> Then again I'm using the standard make (without BOILER=yes). Can you
> try that as well, to narrow down the source of problem?

Without boiler, the build failed elsewhere; so I didn't go any further

>> In, I added hardcoded
>> TGT_LDLIBS    =  -lmysqlclient -lmysqlservices -lmygcc
>> which allowed the build to go through (I guess configure should take
>> care of that at some point). and friends are in the
>> build's lib/ subdir, but still, the binary won't start:
>> rlm_sql Creating new attribute sql-webmailsso-users-SQL-Group
>> Could not link driver rlm_sql_mysql: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
>> Make sure it (and all its dependent libraries!)are in the search path of your system's ld.
>> /usr/local/freeradius/config//raddb/modules/sql-webmailsso-users[1]: Instantiation failed for module "sql-webmailsso-users"
>> This is now going beyond my knowledge of lib-magic.
> It works for me when built without BOILER (simpe ./configure && make
> && make install, and enable sql)

All the other modules are linked correctly (I got the server to start up
with the sql_null driver). So I guess I'm missing something subtle in
those modifications or so.


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