eDir Universal password implementation.

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at freeradius.org
Sat Dec 8 18:03:41 CET 2012

> The NMAS challenge response parts using a specific NMAS Method are also pretty nifty when used with the Vasco tokens (which I have played with but havn't managed to convince my management to deploy at my employer).  If you were in the mood it's pretty easy to setup and test using the Simple Password NMAS Method to confirm that the NMAS bits work too.
> Last piece which I would *love* to see was adding in "Accounting Start / Stop" support into rlm_ldap (and am willing to fund it depending on the time / complexity).
> What would be great is if via an Accounting Start you could add/replace an attribute, and then via the accounting stop remove the attribute if it exists. 

Yeah you're sort of wanting a simul function, I guess it'd be fairly easy to do.

Full accounting using LDAP is harder, and not really what LDAP directories are meant for :)


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