Problems decoding a vendor-specified attribute on the client side

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Dec 27 04:49:40 CET 2012

JCA wrote:
>    I added the VENDOR definition that I mentioned above to both client
> and server already.

  And the attribute?  Note also that the dictionary file format is NOT
the same for the client and server code.

>    I included the code because I can't understand how it could ever
> work. How can the comparison between attr->value and attribute, as I
> described, ever succeed? The value of attribute as received from
> rc_avpair_gen() contains both the vendor ID and the attribute
> identifier, whereas the value of attr->value only contains the
> attribute identifier. This comparison can never succeed.

  My reading of the code shows that the dictionary attribute contains
the vendor ID... just like the data taken from the packet.  See dict.c.

  Alan DeKok.

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