Support for multi-valued attributes in rlm_cache

Olivier Beytrison olivier at
Thu Dec 27 10:41:33 CET 2012


I've been working the past days on adding support for multi-valued
attributes in rlm_cache.

Before I send a pull request, I'll be glad if you could review my work
and report if I need to correct anything.

What's currently supported :

  attr <op> 'string value'
  attr <op> "xlat expanded value"
  attr :=|+= attr-name

Code available here :

I also wanted to know if it is "allowed" to have multiple identical
attributes with the SET operator in a list. When are enforced the logic
behind the operators ? when the radius packet is being crafted ?

Olivier B

 Olivier Beytrison
 Network & Security Engineer, HES-SO Fribourg
 Mail: olivier at

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