3.0 (master) build error

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Wed Jan 11 13:05:17 CET 2012

Fajar A. Nugraha wrote:
> Ah, OK. I was able to do some testing with DHCP in 3.x and it works,
> but looking at 2.x (the config file, at least) there are indeed
> improvements there. Will try 2.x later.

  There are a number of code changes, too.

> So my build result with 3.x is basically like this:
> - simple ./configure && make works
> - using "./configure --enable-ltdl-install=no --with-system-libtool
> --with-system-libltdl && make" does NOT work, ‘lt_dladvise’ undeclared
> error.

  What it the *actual* error?  lt_dladvise is a structure.  The
configure script checks for lt_dladvise_init().  If that function
exists, so does lt_dladvise.

  So my question is *why* does it find lt_dladvise_init(), and *where*
is it found?

> Editing src/include/modpriv.h to force #include "ltdl.h" made
> the compile process worked again. This breaks plain "./configure"
> though. I'm guessing commit ce27f4e from v2.1.x was not completely
> ported yet.

  No, that functionality was back-ported from 3.0 to v2.1.x.  It exists
in 3.0, in modpriv.h.  You should have seen that when editing modpriv.h.
 If you didn't see it, it's because you have an old copy of the source.

> - "dpkg-buildpackage -b" failed with "Patch sql_modules.diff does not
> exist".

  The file is in debian/patches.  If you don't see it, it's because you
don't have 3.0.

  Alan DeKok.

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