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Mohamed Daif mohamed.daif at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 14:18:53 CET 2012


I have installed two servers with MVTS PRO installed on both servers ,
supports 600 concurrent calls.
and i installed one server with FreeRADIUS to manage both servers and
billing "with daloRADIUS".
and i have some needs must to be in the FreeRADIUS to manage the calls .

all calls must be checked firstly from two tables then go to Specific
Gateways like below :

1 - BlackList : to block calls to numbers from the BlackList table ,
2 - WhiteList : to send calls to numbers from the WhiteList table to White
3 - Other calls not stored in both tables must be send to Checking Gateways
4 - if calls have a good CDR must be storing in WhiteList .
5 - other calls have a bad CDR must be storing in BlackList .

I want to have free choice for activate checking from both tables or one of
both tables or don't check any tables for each client individually.

how can i add both tables to FreeRADIUS and make configuration to check
before sending calls to MVTS Servers.

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Mohamed Daif*
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