New build system in "master" branch

Alan Buxey A.L.M.Buxey at
Mon Jan 23 20:30:06 CET 2012


>   When you do that, the build should be MUCH faster.  Everything goes
> into a "build" directory, so don't look for libs/binaries in their usual
> places.
>   On my system, the build is rather a lot faster.  Anyone doing even
> occasional development should look into using it.
>   Let me know what you think.

if I add BOILER=yes to the end of (as per the GIT changelog)
then I get this

gcc scripts//jlibtool.c -o build/make/jlibtool
scripts//jlibtool.c:1166: error: static declaration of âd_rpathâollows non-static declaration
scripts//jlibtool.c:290: error: previous declaration of âd_rpathâas here
scripts//jlibtool.c: In function ârse_output_file_nameâscripts//jlibtool.c:1570: warning: passing argument 1 of ârcpyâiscards qualifiers from pointer target type
scripts//jlibtool.c:1579: warning: passing argument 1 of âeeâiscards qualifiers from pointer target type
make: *** [build/make/jlibtool] Error 1


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