Issue with rlm_replicate and retransmissions

Alan DeKok aland at
Sat Jul 14 14:25:24 CEST 2012

Brian Candler wrote:
> I have found some odd behaviour to do with proxying and retransmissions with
> rlm_replicate (specifically accounting packets)

  Accounting packets are almost never retransmitted.  They SHOULD have
an Acct-Delay-Time attribute, to signal delays between creation of the
data, and sending of the packet.  This attribute changes on every
delayed (re)-transmission.  So the packets are never retransmitted

> I set up a proxy config, where I also happen to modify the packet.
> preacct {
>     ...
>     Proxy-To-Realm := "handover"

  Well, "update config", but I get your point.

> As well as proxying, rlm_replicate is used to feed the accounting packets
> elsewhere:
> accounting {
>     sql_log
>     ...
>     replicate    # using rlm_replicate and Replicate-To-Realm
> }
> Now, if the "handover" home servers are down, and I send a test packet with
> retransmissions using
> echo -e 'User-Name="briantest"\nEvent-Timestamp=1342099825\nFramed-IP-Address=\nAcct-Status-Type=Interim-Update' |
>   radclient -r3 -t3 -x localhost:1813 acct testing123
> what I find is:
> * just the first packet is written to the sql_log (that's fine)
> * For the second and third packets, freeradius -X just shows
>     "Discarding duplicate request from client localhost port 36957 - ID: 146"

  Well, no.  The message (from the source code) is:

    radlog(L_ERR, "Discarding duplicate request from "
	"client %s port %d - ID: %u due to unfinished request %u"

  This means that the server is still processing the request.  It was
NOT proxied.  Or, it has been proxied, and a reply was received.

>   After that, freeradius says
>     "Rejecting request 0 (proxy Id 181) due to lack of any response from home server port 1813"
> * all three packets are replicated.

  Well, no.  If you see that, it's because of something else.  See the
debug log.

  The source code does this:

	packet_p = fr_packet_list_find(pl, packet);
	if (packet_p) {
		request = fr_packet2myptr(REQUEST, packet, packet_p);

		if ((request->packet->data_len == packet->data_len) &&
		    (memcmp(request->packet->vector, packet->vector,
			    sizeof(packet->vector)) == 0)) {
			received_retransmit(request, client);
			return 0;

  i.e. find the packet by code, src/dst IP, src/dst port.  If found,
check if the new packet is IDENTICAL to one we've already seen.  If so,
call a function which logs the error above.  Then, STOP processing the

  So NO modules are called on retransmits.  This is a hard requirement
of the server.

> The second and third replica packets are
>   missing the Reply-Message attribute

  <shrug>  See the debug log for why.

> It's this last bit which I think is odd. Shouldn't the replicate also be
> suppressed for retransmissions?


  As ALWAYS, see the FULL debug log for details.

  Alan DeKok.

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