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Matthew Newton mcn4 at
Wed Jun 6 14:54:12 CEST 2012

On Wed, Jun 06, 2012 at 11:15:17AM +0100, Brian Candler wrote:
> Out of interest, the total number of login attempts for the month? And the
> total number of rejects for the month? (So the above figures can be
> visualised as "percentage of total authentications" and "percentage of total
> rejects" respectively)

The stats will start to get a bit murky without full details, and
a lot of digging. However, as a basic answer to your query (and
yes, this really is getting off-topic now, so no more posts from
me after this...)

Of the auth requests we sent off-site to the proxy during May,

  15283 were rejected
  20946 were accepted

and then of course another ~15,000 or so, above, mostly weren't
actually sent upstream (there will be some overlap, hence
statistical murkiness). This doesn't count any local users who
authenticated (or not) here without proxying.

So there were in the region of 50,000 requests that would have
gone to the proxy (intentially or otherwise), we filtered out a
load, around 35,000 did get sent, and only 20,000 were granted

That's not a great number per day for just one site, but there are
a lot more sites than just us.




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