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Nasa has resurfaced in computer world with open source entries of another Fortran development 'Nastran', I concidered this relative to NASA 1960s Goddard Space research Centres projects with probably the best Fortran that existed ,why within open source floating points, openGl global memory pooling, resource poolings a binary as upgraded compiler is a must. Not aloner though, are the implications of the 'XSat' net and all other Spaces in between 'words' that are indeed the computers conceptual usage of this very term 'binary' to resemble what we generally assume as the 'multi bit' builder/compiler/processor of much cipher lefted out of the American 'uni verses' by 'Californian' program stylesheets of British complete 'absolutes'. This utterance spy that has led to paranoia being a mented recurrance of mention in the start bright velocity of the synchronical accentuals upon words and syntactical hypenations, which are phonetically exploited to subject
 vocal, not literatures[where the binary first began ,with decimal, latin-square, crab, quiz, puzzel, cipher, key, plaintext, and cyrptological exhaustations' used in the first paper-weight assembly of the discovered recurrent effects , the 'processor' and other micro velocite massives of enigma. As I have recently refound certain works upoin this subject and input them to various 'workstations' 

that cluster & multi-parallelize themself in a whole omnipresence of results, I hope you dont think everything factual is matter or that literal means only an objectedrally to an abstract, and fall back into 'arted poetics' of which arent used in any matter, book, page or letter, much to many surprizes it really isnt a song and dance that these 'localized author' were 'titled' into as an 'metaphore' of explorative 'mertadata' for you know who"!(what??)Light Bulkbs OSram Perl WoolWorths(1646)Russian Nihilist. 

Bezooomy and Assocs,Inc [-kut oit jas beat oven! ]A lex.
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