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Jason Rohm jason.rohm at
Tue Mar 27 20:44:15 CEST 2012

Thanks John,

So far I have: 

-Setup a Git repo and synced it tot he current master (3.0.0) in the
~/repositories/freeradius-server directory

-Zipped up the repo in tar.bz2 format (similar to what the native spec
seems to be looking for).

-Linked the archive file into the ~rpmbuild/SOURCES directory

-Linked the spec file found in ~repositories/freeradius-server/redhat into
the ~rpmbuild/SPEC directory

-Run 'rpmbuild -bb ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/freeradius.spec' from ~/rpmbuild

Per another person's suggestion, I removed the patch from the spec file,
but am now simply receiving the error "error: No patch number 1".

I apologize for wasting the group's time on something that is probably SOP
for most people here. If there is another forum that can provide me with
more targeted assistance, I'd welcome the suggestion.

Jason Rohm 
Communication Architect
SRC Technologies, Inc.

On 3/27/12 12:14 PM, "John Dennis" <jdennis at> wrote:

>On 03/27/2012 12:44 PM, Jason Rohm wrote:
>> Hello. I'm new to the community. I'm getting involved primarily out of
>> interest in radsec improvements. My background is in networking, mostly
>> Cisco stuff. I've been doing quite a bit of development around Cisco
>> system automation. Primarily in PHP and Java, but I have some C
>> in another life.
>> I consider myself a linux 'power user' but not an expert. I've been
>> successful in downloading the repo from git and compiling it locally. I
>> was able to use the locally compiled code to begin testing but would
>> to roll it out to other hosts, most of which are not (and cannot) be
>> for local compiling.
>> I have NOT been successful in building an RPM directly from the git
>> I'm using the following Mandriva wiki page as a guide:
>> '' I am developing and
>> on CentOS 6.2 64-bit. Most information I've found by consulting with Mr.
>> Google describes only how to create them from and existing SRPM.
>> I'd like some assistance in the form of a cheat sheet, wiki, or whatever
>> you have to point me in the right direction. The current output of my
>> 'rpmbuild' is attached below my signature.
>This wiki page gives detailed instructions for building an RPM on
>To build from git you'll have to do a few things:
>* create a tar file (I believe the existing makefiles in git support
>* decide if you want any of the patches you find in our spec file. You
>probably don't need them and more to the point they probably won't apply
>to the git version, so delete them from the spec file.
>* if the files in git are different (you didn't say which branch you
>were using) you'll need to update the spec file to include/exclude them,
>this should be very obvious after you do your first build.
>John Dennis <jdennis at>
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