FR Developer for hire: Adding Accounting support to the rlm_ldap module?

John Dennis jdennis at
Thu May 3 14:20:30 CEST 2012

On 05/03/2012 05:09 AM, Peter Lambrechtsen wrote:
> Hello
> I was wanting to know if someone would be interested in being paid to
> add "accounting" support into the RLM_LDAP module.
> For this I am wanting when calling the ldap module during the
> "accounting" section so it can update/delete records in the LDAP
> directory based on the Acct-Status-Type and using a new field type into
> the ldap.attrmap.  Ideally I would be looking for when you get an
> accounting Start it adds or updates an attribute, for an Interim-Update
> also add/update and for a Stop then removes the attribute.

Be careful of what you wish for and be aware of the design goals of 
various technologies. LDAP is designed for look-ups, it is not designed 
for frequent data updating. SQL databases are designed for frequent data 
updating as well as relational logic. You might be better served by 
keeping your accounting data in a SQL database, not an LDAP directory.

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