FR Developer for hire: Adding Accounting support to the rlm_ldap module?

Alister Winfield alister at
Thu May 3 18:10:11 CEST 2012

Writing accounting to LDAP is nasty I understand why it sounds a good idea.  But most LDAP implementations are v-slow on write (hundreds to thousands per second) compared to read (tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands per second). 


On 3 May 2012, at 10:47, Alan DeKok wrote:

> Peter Lambrechtsen wrote:
>> I was wanting to know if someone would be interested in being paid to
>> add "accounting" support into the RLM_LDAP module.
>  Just a note: I've been re-writing the LDAP module.  The code is *much*
> better.  I should be able to make it public in a week or two.
>  Adding accounting support to the existing module is something I'd
> avoid.  The code has large amounts of duplication (e.g. eDir support).
> Adding more code to that mess is a big problem.
>> For this I am wanting when calling the ldap module during the
>> "accounting" section so it can update/delete records in the LDAP
>> directory based on the Acct-Status-Type and using a new field type into
>> the ldap.attrmap.  Ideally I would be looking for when you get an
>> accounting Start it adds or updates an attribute, for an Interim-Update
>> also add/update and for a Stop then removes the attribute.
>  That's probably not too hard.
>> I've written this in Perl and it works reasonably well but it would be
>> ideal to have this working inside ldap as then the custom perl code I
>> wrote wouldn't be needed.  Below is the perl i've written.
>  If it works in Perl, that's a good start.  I'm not sure adding it to
> the LDAP module would make much difference in speed or flexibility.
>> To get someone who is familiar with the freeradius code base and can
>> write code which would be acceptable to be committed back into the
>> mainline FR codebase as this should be code contributed back to the
>> community. 
>  That's always nice to hear. :)
>> How much development effort would be required (x days?) and who would be
>> interested in being paid (and how much) to do the work?
>  If you can wait a bit, the new code base should make this work MUCH
> easier to do.
>  Alan DeKok.
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