configure/build system

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Nov 7 23:57:42 CET 2012

Matthew Newton wrote:
> ...and just also added another commit for an file for
> rlm_dhcp, otherwise the server won't start.

  OK.  The server *should* be more flexible with respect to modules.

> Just beginning to wonder as I'm hitting these issues if I've
> missed something - is anyone else still using BOILER=yes? I
> thought the plan was for it to become the default one day?

  It will be the default.  Arran has been poking the build system.  I've
been busy at IETF taking over the RADIUS working group.

> Admittedly, it drops build time now from about 6 seconds to about
> 4,

  A lot of that is "jlibtool" versus "libtool".

  But the *rebuild* time goes from 2s to 0.2s.  That's useful.

> so maybe the original build has been improved enough that it's
> not really required... (though I wish configure could just go
> away - so incredibly slow, bit like an injured GNU lumbering
> through the wilderness).

  Yeah.  There are various proposals, but nothing useful.

  Alan DeKok.

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