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Atif Razzaq atif.razaq at
Tue Oct 9 14:09:52 CEST 2012

Hi Everyone

I need your help regarding reply avps. The scenerio is that my reply items
are lying in a column of table in Database. Now all the reply items are
there seperated by comma(,) e.g.
ReplyItem1=ReplyValue1,ReplyItem2=ReplyValue2,ReplyItem3=ReplyValue3. All
this is the content of a single column.

When i want to send these reply items in response to a request, i have no
way to do so because the reply query wants to have the reply items in
tabular format as given in the dialup.cong under Authorization query. On
the other hand, I can do the manipulation on DB side through a stored
procedure or function but cannot return the resultset.

Please guide for solution to this. Thanks in anticipation!!!

Best Regards

Atif Razzaq
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