problem with radclient

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The scenario is that radius is behind load balancer which advertizes it's public ip address and forward packets to another ip address on radius (which has different ip) . Advertized public ip address on radius is binded to lo:0 interface. Hence the need for udpfromto. This is a setup to have HA cluster of radius servers and only one advertized ip for the NAS.


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On 10/17/2012 10:57 PM, Arran Cudbard-Bell wrote:

> Have you verified it does? Without going through the code i'm not
> even sure if specifying Packet-Src-IP-Address is supported, can you
> point to documentation that says this?

IIRC, radclient looks for Packet-Src-IP-Address and then bind()s the
UDP/TCP socket to that IP for sending.

I never really understand how people have all these crazy problems with
UDP IPs and so on, or what udpfromto is for - we just bind sockets to
the correct IPs and it all works :o/
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