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> The scenario is that radius is behind load balancer which advertizes it's public ip address and forward packets to another ip address on radius (which has different ip) . Advertized public ip address on radius is binded to lo:0 interface. Hence the need for udpfromto. This is a setup to have HA cluster of radius servers and only one advertized ip for the NAS.

So ... what does that have to do with radclient, again?

radclient is called from the server which has radius advertized ip on lo:0 not on eth0. So if i send packet without Packet-SRC-IP-Address radclient sends it from eth0 ip address.

If I understand you correctly, you only need proxy. You can add/remove
attributes in the packets you send to the remote radius, and in the
packets you return back to the NAS. And you should be able to generate
COA packet from the server (with unlang) instead of manually using

i need to call COA disconnects and other COA packet (service change) upon request from CRM . I don't see how to use the coa in the radius it self as it can be called only upon auth and acct packet processing.

Yes, radclient could probably be improved. I'm just saying that you
might not need it at all.

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