Branch restructuring

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at
Wed Sep 12 16:00:28 CEST 2012

The following branches have been removed from the public repo:

e9afde3bab21b27c47c2bb9989615058f75300d0 refs/heads/aland (hasn't been updated since 99)
40391e4db89941260423f8d4f72ac88588aeaf35 refs/heads/branch_0_7_0 (exists as tag refs/tags/release_0_7_1)
3a4bda3ec7698d97cf3e678106e05de21184dccd refs/heads/branch_0_9 (no tag)
205140d84f7b341f0949efa6149d06eeb9c3b5fb refs/heads/branch_1_1 (no tag)
0a23493f7d66d096f801e04ea01be13e186bf2c3 refs/heads/release_0_8_0 (exists as tag refs/tags/release_0_8_1)
3a81954c26a27ad621ce264e23ddddbd36cd6ba6 refs/heads/release_1_0 (no tag)
86eb893a2270d0227a3b5bb73a309c42b7b772f7 refs/heads/old-dev
d3414efdd24d2ab6888f91cb46c7ab183e69947d refs/heads/stable

The following branches have been renamed:

branch_1_1_7 ->  v1.1.x (not that we expect to release from it again)
Apple-v2.1.x ->  v2.1.x-apple

So were now left with:

master - development for the next major unreleased version (currently 3.0).
v2.1.x - development for the next 2.x release, from now on will mostly be bug fixes with little new feature development.
v2.1.x-apple - patches from apple that still need merging into v2.1.x.
v1.1.x - development for the next 1.x release.

After 2.2.0 there were a couple of queries regarding the different repos. The observant amongst you may have noticed that:



were not always in sync.  For example when the tag for 2.2.0 was created on GitHub, it wasn't created on the official repo. The reason for this was that Alan had some scripts on his development machine to pull from GitHub and push to the official repo whenever he made a commit. When pull requests were merged, and other developers made commits they would not be transferred until he made a commit.

A cronjob has now taken the place of this manual transfer and will forcefully sync the official repo up to GitHub every 60 seconds. The official repo is now strictly read only.

As before all new patches should be submitted as GitHub pull requests.


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