How to check ?orrectness of the secret key?

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Sep 24 11:45:06 CEST 2012

Brian Candler wrote:
>>   Your thinking is wrong.
> However he is asserting a behaviour he has seen, which would be consistent
> with freeradius ignoring packets with bad secrets.

  The server doesn't work like that.  I said so:

>>   If the RADIUS server receives a packet, it says so in debugging
>> mode.
>>  If tcpdump shows the packet and FreeRADIUS doesn't see it, then you

  What is so hard to understand about that?

  This is the 13-year-old question.  Why the HELL are people asking
questions on the list when they immediately ignore the answer?

>  This means that
> something is wrong.  It may mean that he is not in fact running the server
> in debugging mode;

  Then he should have follow the instructions in the FAQ, "man" page,
web page, and daily on the -users list.  It's not hard.

> or it may mean he is running some ancient freeradius, 

  It ALWAYS printed out packets received in debugging mode.

> or
> one which has been hacked by the vendor to behave differently to standard
> code.

  Then he should ask his vendor how it works.  It's not *my* problem
when people butcher FreeRADIUS.

>  Or it may not even be freeradius at all, but something completely
> different.

  Then he's an idiot for asking questions on this list.

  And ALL of those reasons are post-facto excuses.  The ONLY relevant
item is that he asked a question, and ignored the answer.

> Alan is of course right, freeradius doesn't behave in the way you describe;
> but I also believe that you are not lying when you say you see this
> behaviour, so we need additional information if you want us to help you pin
> down your problem.

  I don't care what he *thinks* he's doing.  What he *is* doing is not
following instructions:

1) run the server in debug mode

2) check the firewall to be sure it isn't blocking RADIUS packets

  He had a problem and posted a question.  Fine.  But he MUST follow the
existing documentation.  He MUST follow instructions.  I DO NOT accept
excuses from him, or from anyone else.

  If people aren't going to follow instructions, they have no business
posting to the list.  It's ignorant, rude, and will result in them
getting unsubscribed and banned.

  My patience for this kind of idiocy is at an end.

  Alan DeKok.

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