dhcp_options xlat with ERX-Dhcp-Options

Peter Lambrechtsen peter at crypt.co.nz
Sun Apr 14 11:56:08 CEST 2013


This is a bit of a -users question rather than -devel but the rlm_dhcp is
still proto but I am trying to figure out the best approach to my current
issue.  I've seen this mail thread:

I am trying to take a Radius Request from a Juniper MX which is receiving a
DHCP request from the CPE including Option 82 Circuit & Remote IDs in the

It comes through in the Juniper VSA 55 ERX-Dhcp-Options as a big octet
stream something like this.


The ADSL RFC attributes are at the end:


Option 82, Length 35 Type 01 length 21 Circuit ID:

And end out with: WN-POLT01 eth 1/1/01/05/5/14/1:10

Then the Remote ID 02 length 10



I was then looking to map them to the RFC 4679 attributes
ADSL-Agent-Circuit-Id and ADSL-Agent-Remote-Id.

Then I need to return the ACS Vendor Specific Information DHCP Option 43
with the ACS TR-069 URL and a few other variables.  Something like this:


With 01 being the ACS URL, and 02 as USR1 and 254 also as USR1 variables I
need to return

I suspect I may need to fully re-write the PROTO_DHCP module to get it to
complie without too much drama onto FreeRadius 2.1.12 as that's the version
we are running due to it being supported by RHEL 6.3.  Or hack it with a
rlm_perl script.

Any suggestions on the best way to manipulate the octet string?


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