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>   Well.. I'd like to know why it's crashing.  That really needs to be fixed.

Ok, I've invested some more time into this: the config I run is rather
complex, many vservers, many clients - so I deleted all parts one after
another to see when the crashes occur and when not. I got a useful
result, I believe:

there is one line in one virtual server which leads to the segfault -
comment it, stuff works, activate it, it breaks.

I now have only two localost clients (one v4, one v6), one virtual
server, and have taken out most modules and unlang to isolate the
problem as good as possible.

The result is the attached virtual server definition; the line which
produces the segfault is the "if" inside post-auth. Note that
sql-webmailsso is an existing module, and it's instantiated just fine,
and used with its normal SQL commands in authorize (except that the SQL
server doesn't allow connections from this test server; so the handles
are not up after starting). The custom INSERT in post-auth seems to be
the "guilty" part of my config, even if it's never executed; the
segfaults occur when terminating the server right after it started.


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server staff {

authorize {

authenticate {
	Auth-Type PAP{
	Auth-Type MSCHAP {
	Auth-Type eap-staff {

preacct {

accounting {

session {

post-auth {
	if ( "%{RESTENA-Service-Type}" == "Staff-AAI" ) {
                %{sql-webmailsso:INSERT INTO check_webmailsso_staff (user,token,timeout) VALUES('%{User-Name}','%{control:RESTENA-Rand-Source}',TIMESTAMPADD(hour, 12, NOW())) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE token='%{control:RESTENA-Rand-Source}', timeout=TIMESTAMPADD(hour, 12, NOW())}

pre-proxy {

post-proxy {

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