FR3.0 and LDAP

Maja Wolniewicz mgw at
Mon Aug 12 21:29:08 CEST 2013

Now I'm testing FR3.0 with LDAP. PEAP and NT-Password in a LDAP database 
works now well, but I have a problem with EAP-TTLS.
In FR2.2 after authorizing a user in the authorize section of 
inner-tunnel, Auth-Type=LDAP is set and then authentication goes to the 
LDAP module.
In FR3.0 the Auth-Type=LDAP isn't set in the rlm_ldap module, the 
authorize section ends with Auth-Type=PAP, so authentication goes to the 
PAP module.
I can't find a place in the FR3.0 source, where Auth-Type=LDAP is set - 
in a few comments it is mentioned that such a setting  happens 
Am I missing something?


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