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Mon Dec 2 00:00:02 CET 2013

New activity for FreeRADIUS (the high performance and highly configurable RADIUS server)

radusergroup needs a primary key too, else PgAdmin (rightly) refuses to work with it

Arran Cudbard-Bell at 2013-12-01T22:38:56Z
Files modified:
	* raddb/mods-config/sql/main/postgresql/schema.sql

Commit diff:
Temporary fix for SQL counter module

Really need nested expansion of config items to do this properly

Arran Cudbard-Bell at 2013-12-01T22:20:51Z
Files modified:
	* raddb/mods-available/sqlcounter
	* raddb/mods-config/sql/counter/mysql/dailycounter.conf
	* raddb/mods-config/sql/counter/mysql/expire_on_login.conf
	* raddb/mods-config/sql/counter/mysql/monthlycounter.conf
	* raddb/mods-config/sql/counter/mysql/noresetcounter.conf
	* raddb/mods-config/sql/counter/mysql/queries.conf
	* raddb/mods-config/sql/counter/postgresql/dailycounter.conf
	* raddb/mods-config/sql/counter/postgresql/expire_on_login.conf
	* raddb/mods-config/sql/counter/postgresql/monthlycounter.conf
	* raddb/mods-config/sql/counter/postgresql/noresetcounter.conf
	* raddb/mods-config/sql/counter/postgresql/queries.conf

Commit diff:

Alan T. DeKok at 2013-12-01T14:57:38Z
Files modified:
	* doc/ChangeLog

Commit diff:
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