Removing attribute/vendor/type from valuepairs

Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Feb 17 16:52:18 CET 2013

John Dennis wrote:
> I applaud the use of talloc, we use it in many of the projects we
> develop (i.e. sssd). But why bundle it? It's available as a installable
> package (libtalloc) on most distributions especially now that sssd is
> widely adopted.

  Well, FreeRADIUS is portable to many systems which don't have sssd.

  Maybe I'm old-school, but projects which don't build are annoying.
i.e. download the tar file, configure.... fail.  Download dependency
library.  re-configure.  fail.  Fight with configure's caching system.
Download another dependency library.  Continue.

  For nearly 15 years, FreeRADIUS has had a reputation as a project
which "just works".  I'm wary of changing that now.

  My inclination is to bundle talloc.[ch], and build them only if
"configure" fails to detect a system talloc library.  Unlike
libtool/libltdl, the talloc API changes rarely.  We can therefore depend
on it "just working", and don't have to write tons of horrible configure

  Alan DeKok.

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