Add Attribute inside an Module

Patrick Ko patrick0585 at
Mon Feb 18 13:51:01 CET 2013

Hello Phil,
thanks for your fast an helpfull Reply!

I added the following Line in the dicontairy Configuration File ( I use the ):

ATTRIBUTE       Webpage                    4001      string

Now I checked the Return Value of pairmake like this:

  rep = pairmake("WebPage","",T_OP_EQ);
  if(rep == NULL)

And if I "make" && "make install" and run my radius it exited, so i see
that the Value will not be created!
Is it possible to get Error Messages, to see why i fails to make a pair ?
And could you please help me to explain the last value (T_OP_EQ) of the
pairmake function. I don't really understand which function this value has ?
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